Setting the Mood is Such an Important Element of Selling Your Home

I was showing homes the other day in the early evening.  It is the heat of summer here in Houston so plants can be in distress, yards a bit dry and house hunters lethargic from the humidity.  But imagine walking up to a freshly painted door with great looking hardware and a pop of color in the way of a healthy potted plant.   One of the places Realtors and clients seem to linger is on that front porch while the lockbox is opened for keys.  It is without a doubt a first impression of the upkeep and maintenance of your home.

What made me think of showing the other evening was the comment by the client.  They are animal loves as am I, but the scent of candles or fragrance was so strong, the client asked to leave.  There was no point in going any further.  Again, that first impression was that the owners were masking animal odors.  The sad part is that this may or may not be true, but without a doubt the fragrance was so overwhelming, a potential buyer chose to leave rather than continue on.  I have shown many, many homes with animals successfully.  The key is to have a clean, welcoming scent when clients enter.  Set out a few bottled waters during these hot, summer days.

The next event on this evening of showings was traffic noise.  Let’s face it, there is no good way to “hide” traffic noise if your home is near a major freeway, railroad or intersection.  While very low background music can be a nice touch, music set to a tone to drown out the offending noise does not work.  There are buyers who will never purchase a home near a railroad track, for instance, and others who don’t mind at all.  Best to put your home’s best foot forward with clean lines, fresh paint, clutter free living.  A client will determine if location is a factor in their decision to purchase your home.  You love it, someone else will too!

Lastly, if at all possible, leave a few key lights on and blinds open to showcase your home best.  Especially in the evening, it helps a Realtor focus on showing the positives of your home if they are not distracted with finding light switches, opening a few  blinds to accent the natural lighting, etc.  Before you leave take on last stroll around the house to make sure all is well and no clothing is left on the floor (and yes, by that I mean underwear!) or kitty/doggie food out.  Getting show ready is so important.  A few extra steps on a seller’s part can help cut that listing time and lead to a contract…sooner rather than later.

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